HSS 2018 Flashtalk

Title: Science, Islam and Colonial India: Exploring the Complexity Thesis

Abstract:  This talk extends historical investigations in the field of the history and philosophy of science and religion it into the under-studied world of Islam and science in Colonial India. I will examine why it may be important to have a more global and comparative approach in the field.

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Manipal India 2015

I had the privilege of visiting Manipal India from July 20 to July 25th 2015 for The Summer School on Scientific Objects and Digital Cosmopolitanism as part of the Cosmolocal Project

This summer was a transitionary year from me, moving from my MA to my PhD and still thinking through what I wanted to pursue as my dissertation topic. The Summer School helped me think through historical methods as I started my PhD. 

Now if you don’t know where Manipal is, it’s a small town in the Karnataka region in India. Getting to Manipal was the hard part, but once I was there, I had an incredible time. The summer school itself was useful as a young scholar, but the best part was interacting with the students from India and making lifelong connections.

A group picture of the participants

I had the privilege of exploring nearby towns as well with students and teachers. We were able to go to Karkala and see the Statue of Bhagavan Shri. We also explored some of the temples around the city.

No trip to India is complete without pictures of food. The team at the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities did an excellent job introducing me to local food.

Zurich, Switzerland: “Religion and Science – Friend or Foe or Unrelated?

Title of Presentation: The Intersection of Christianity, Islam and Science in Colonial India

Abstract: This presentation poses two broader questions: Is how we reflect on the relationship of Science and Religion based on a Western understanding of Religion? How do we discuss multiple, non-European faiths and their intersection with science?

ICHST 2017: Brazil

Title of Presentation: “Islam’s Complexity: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on the Relationship Between Science and Religion in 19th Century India”

Protected: Some thoughts on the CII proposed bill

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Protected: Cleveland Ohio – October 2014

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